Neumann Alphorns - your speciaist for Alphorns

  • Wood carving detail showing traditional typography
  • Alfons Neumann working on an Alphorn component
  • Amanda Neumann applying rattan to an Alphorn
  • Food detail of an Alphorn
  • Hand painted artwork applied to the Alphorn

Neumann Alphorns

Located in Eberhardzell in the Oberschwaben, Neumann Alphorns has been manufacturing Alphorns by hand in a traditional manner since 1983.

In collaboration with well known musicians and music teachers, the traditional manufacturing process is consistently enhanced to ensure the highest quality of both sound and workmanship. This is also an environmentally friendly process.

Amanda Neumann

Amanda Neumann wrapping rattan around an Alphorn. This will eventually be carefully sanded, giving the Alphorn its smooth, elegant appearance.

Michael Neumann

  • Michael Neumann using a chisel to hollow out an Alphorn component

Michael Neumann - technical manager and Alphorn maker. He has been involved in the family business since 2009 and is also in charge of all of the IT aspects of the business. 

Here one can see Michael hollowing out a part of an Alphorn component. This will eventually be carefully sanded, and treated with a specialised polishing process.