Dear music friends and music lovers,

Originally the Alphorn was merely a bugle but constant developments have seen its transition to a full musical instrument. Over many generations our family has worked with woodcarving and as musicians, and have consequently been able to acquire a deep sensitivity and insight into the world of Alphorn manufacture. Craftsmanship, design, and improvements in detailing over the years have made our product unique and distinctive. We believe that our Alphorn products are exemplary with regards to sound, response and playing performance.

The magic of an Alphorn is undoubtedly in it`s sound and we achieve this through, amongst other things, the use of premium quality woods and expert workmanship to ensure a uniform wall thickness throughout the instrument. As per your individual requirements we are able to make the Alphorn out of spruce, alder or lime woods. Mouthpieces are removable on all instruments and are available in a range of sizes, lengths and radii. Using our specialised mouthpieces hand turned from maple or pear wood, one can be assured of a very soft and warm tonal quality. Metal mouthpieces may also be used in conjunction with our specialised adaptor components. Spacers allow the mouthpieces to be used with the different key instruments. Transportation of the instruments is made easy through our tripartite division system.

If you are interested in ordering a unique and handmade Alphorn direct from our workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to offering you friendly and professional service and advice, and an instrument of the highest quality and finish to suit your playing needs.

For the `music lovers` we also have on offer our unique range of beautifully hand carved and hand painted musician figures in linden wood.

Yours sincerely,

The Neumann family